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Millwork & Trim

Examples of this type of work would be raised panel walls, wainscoting, built-in shelving and storage, staircases and wood hand rails, carvings, embellishments and detailed molding work. At the simple end of the spectrum, this could include crown moldings at the ceiling line, tall three-piece baseboard moldings, profiled window and door casings and chair rails. Attention to these upgrade items, even simple details added to new homes, can help increase the visual appeal and impart a rich appearance to an otherwise basic or common room. Advanced work could be inlaid panel walls and wainscoting combinations, heavy built-up molding profiles, entirely new custom designed staircase and handrail combinations, and custom fireplace surrounds. Please see our project gallery for some fine examples of this work.

There are hundreds of stock molding profiles to choose from, most readily available from local and national distributors, and can be chosen from any number of catalogs we possess. Common softwood species are pine and fir. Hardwoods available are oak, maple, birch and mahogany, although several other woods can be custom ordered. If a particular custom style is desired or an old profile or millwork item needs to be matched, we can create or reproduce the item in our completely equipped woodworking shop. Quality, real wood products and expert installation should always be included in a top notch project, particularly one that will receive a natural, stained, clear or oiled finish. This is the world of the purist and the traditional craftsmanship fan, and it is where we both excel and prefer to ply our trade and display our skills.

If the work is to be painted, or budget concerns are a factor, there are manufactured wood alternatives such as finger jointed moldings and “MDF”, a closely grained wood chip product that can be milled, machined and painted. Another alternative to wood moldings and millwork that is growing in popularity are composite moldings made from various plastics such as polyurethane and polyethylene. These items provide a relatively lower cost alternative to wood, and display some small advantages over wood such as paintability, dimensional stability, uniformity, and long available lengths. There are also myriad options available in such molded and carved items as sunbursts, corbels, spandrels, and faux carvings and castings that can be integrated into an overall design.


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