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There are hundreds of commercial cabinet manufacturers and even more furniture makers operating in the United States today. Some produce excellent quality cabinetry for reasonable cost while some produce high priced junk, while there are plenty of manufacturers somewhere in the middle.

What few of them can do however, is to custom design and fabricate a cabinet or furniture article for a specific purpose within the customer’s home. Because we are both designer and cabinetmaker, we can custom tailor a fine cabinet project to exactly fit your individual needs.

Also, we can custom make cabinets to match existing units, for example, if a minor kitchen remodel requires an alteration or addition of just one or two cabinets. Perhaps a new appliance will not fit or a dishwasher is to be added. In this case, the existing cabinets can be modified or rebuilt, thus saving the cost of a new kitchen, providing that the other kitchen accessories are in reasonably good condition.

In planning a wall unit or entertainment center, we typically take measurements of the customer’s existing items to be stored, such as home theatre equipment, television, sound system, collectibles, etc., and then design the cabinets around them. Sometimes it is difficult to find an odd piece for a specific area of the house. A custom designed cabinet or built-in bookcase may be solution here. The customer will be shown different materials, hardware options, finishes and style options. Then we will design and build an article that satisfies all the requirements.

Visit our project gallery to view some examples of custom built cabinetry and furniture. Please contact us if you have something in mind.

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