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Custom Building and Remodeling

How easy it would be if you could simply open up a catalog, pick out a house and have it delivered to your property, all ready to move in. Although the mobile home industry has been providing this type of product for years, and the results can fill a quick housing need, trailers are not everyone’s ideal vision of “home-sweet-home”. The other practical approach to obtaining your dream home is either to have it custom built from the ground up, or to remodel an existing house to your personal specifications. We have the resources to build that dream home for you or to remodel the house you are living in now. Either way, both methods present a great opportunity for the customer to be intimately involved in the design process (please visit design consultant). Custom building and remodeling also allows the customer a large degree of control in the many choices and selections that must be made on a project of any magnitude.

A common practice today in suburban geographic areas that are densely populated is to completely renovate an existing house. Due to the lack of available land, this may be the best alternative to purchasing a piece of property to build upon. Of course, all other contributing factors should be considered as well, such as location, (location, and location….), current housing market values, resale potential, budget, etc.

Completely renovating an existing house, or even demolishing a large part of an existing house also presents the potential for other cost related advantages. The various services and utilities will already be in place, such as electrical service, water supply, gas supply, and sewers, all of which are costly to establish for a new piece of property. Also, remodeling an existing structure, even if extensive, is generally considered differently, if not more simply, by the local building department. This fact usually results in some immediate savings on filing and administrative costs and possibly long term savings on property taxes in the future as well.

Generally speaking, all else being equal, the task of remodeling an existing house is somewhat more difficult to do than building a new house. This is because much of the new construction in remodeling, such as the floor heights and the roof lines must be matched to and blended with the existing house.

The existing lines and elements of the house may govern the remodel, rather than being chosen from an optimum design or a brand new plan. The more skillfully this blending is done, the more successful will be the project. In new construction, the architect or qualified contractor has control over this optimum design, and will specify the roof pitches, window placement, systems layout, and hundreds of other details that will all be part of a “master plan”.

This “master plan” should then integrate together as well as the skill of both the architect and the contractor following the plans. Therefore, the work in new construction is somewhat easier because it is started “from scratch”. There are rarely any unforeseen problems like those encountered in major remodeling. Also, the new house under construction is not occupied, where-as in minor remodeling work, the homeowner may be inconvenienced at a minimum, or may prefer to find temporary housing during an extensive project.

Conversely, when an architect or qualified contractor designs a house remodel, there are countless possible “unknowns” existing in the field that they have no control over, such as unconventional framing, incorrect dimensions, unanticipated loads on walls, hidden pipes and wires, or structural or insect damage. If an architect has prepared the plans, he or she will usually cover these unknowns by adding notes to the plans such as “verify in field”, “match existing” or the “contractor is responsible for…..”, thus exonerating himself of responsibility. In complex work of this nature, the homeowner would be wise to choose a contractor who is responsible and is up to the tasks of the “contractor is responsible for…..”, as well as any other challenge that might present itself during the remodel. The conscientious contractor is your best ally in getting through a major remodel successfully. The contractor must be experienced in every area of construction, not simply roofing and siding. He should have the ability and experience to adapt to and solve a wide variety of potential problems, so their effects are minimized, rather than blossoming into major problems or cost overruns. We work intelligently in the best interests of all concerned, especially the customer who hired us; we try to anticipate any potential problems before they arise, as we are knowledgeable and experienced in virtually every facet of remodeling and construction and possess a strong engineering and architectural background. Please see our qualifications for more information on choosing a qualified contractor.

Please visit our project gallery to see some before and after views of extensively remodeled houses as well as other smaller remodeling projects.

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