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Custom Woodworking

This represents our favorite area. Custom woodworking affords us the best opportunity to combine creativity and artistic license with hand skills more than any other of our service areas. Many examples of the products of our "hobby turned career" can be found in our project gallery. Please visit there to see diverse and useful creations such as custom designed and built furniture, tables, benches, curios and display cases, as well as custom built outdoor projects such as gates, trellises, and cupolas, plaques and signs.

Some representations of more whimsical and oddball projects, sometimes suggested by our customers while we were remodeling their houses, are children’s play sets, toy boxes and toy storage units, room sized play-pens, custom mailboxes, tree-houses, and rabbit hutches.

In our fully equipped workshop, virtually any woodworking project can be produced. All commercial woodworking machinery is represented here: jointer, thickness planer, shaper, band saw, scroll saw, and countless other machines and tools. We even possess a large wood turning lathe enabling us to create custom turnings for lamp posts, table and chair legs and many other decorative applications. If the project is on your premises, the largest of our trucks is a complete "shop on wheels", fully equipped to enable us to perform the work on site.

In creative woodworking, there are no rigid building codes, no laws, and no rules. This is an area where imagination, practicality, common sense and resourcefulness reign. Custom woodworking is our "fun department" where "necessity is the mother of invention".

Perhaps you have an idea for a one-of-a-kind piece or project and you just can’t seem to locate a source or a talented custom woodworker. If so, please contact us.


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