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Design Consultant

Historically, the projects that come out the best are the ones in which both the customer and the contractor are in complete understanding with each other regarding expectations, schedules, project appearance and final outcome. The best way to achieve this harmony is through the design process. We provide a full design service to our clients. We are totally involved in the design evolution from start to finish.

Generally, this design process starts when a customer first calls with a project in mind. Upon this first consultation, feasibility, budget, expectations and timing will be discussed. We work closely with our customer, by listening carefully to their ideas, making suggestions about materials, patterns, textures, styles, and providing guidance as to proper applications, layout, and design.

A simple project, such as a room alteration, door replacement, or custom furniture piece, would probably only require one meeting to establish a complete plan and direction. However, a kitchen or bath remodel, for example, depending on complexity, may require several meetings. First, to agree upon a suitable layout, then to finalize choices of cabinets, wood species and finish, countertop materials, tile and fixture choices, etc. If necessary, sketches or working drawings would be provided to help clarify the appearance or layout of the project, such as basic floor plans, room sizes, or elevations. These drawings and designs are generally produced personally by the owner, Jeffrey Saporito, working directly with the customer’s inputs. Ultimately, the unique benefit here is that the people performing the conceptual and detail design are the very same people performing the actual work. Hence the term, a “design/ build” company. This process virtually guarantees a successful outcome, as the work is executed as intelligently as it was conceived.

If the project is very large and will require filing an application with the building department, it is at this juncture that we involve an architect. We have established close working relationships with several talented architects, each with various areas of specialty.

We choose the one which will be best for a particular project based on their experience, such as a sensitivity to historic restoration or a proven flair with contemporary and modern work. Occasionally, the homeowner has secured plans independently from their own architect. In this case, we try to work as closely as possible with their architect to build a successful project.

Once a final design is agreed upon by all parties, the work can commence. If a building permit is required, work will usually commence shortly after the permit is issued. We make every attempt to maintain a friendly and open line of communication with our customer throughout the construction process to ensure that all parties are in agreement and to minimize the potential for misunderstandings.

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